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The Japanese

by Tealife

Dive into the delicious and wonderful world of Japanese Green tea!

This guide aims to help your Japanese tea experience filled with delight. We'll go over the types of tea, how to make them, and any other information that will enrich your "Japanese Tea Journey". We even have detailed coverage on the "National Tea Competition of Japan" - something you won't find in English elsewhere.

Learn the different types of Japanese green tea. This comprehensive guide will cover most of the major types of tea and their characteristics in detail. Have you ever wondered what the differences between a Sencha and a Fukamushi-Sencha is? Perhaps you bought a quality Matcha in our shop and wanted to know how to properly brew it. Or was wondering why Houjicha is a green tea when it's brown?

In this comprehensive guide, we'll go over all the types of Japanese green tea and everything you need to know about them.

Nutrients, Health Benefits, and more!

Aside from the fantastic taste - the health benefits and nutrients are what makes us love Japanese Green Tea so much. Learn about these health topics and more.

Here we'll cover how to prepare delicious Japanese tea. The delicate taste of the tea can be truly extracted only under the right methods. For example, the temperature of the water or the amount of water can change the great tasting tea experience into a astringent and dry one. Make sure you have a study!

Mastering the Fundumentals

Not every tea is the same. Not every situation is the same. In order to be able to make exceptional tea under any environment, you need to understand the basics. Master these fundamentals and know how to adjust and apply, to reach the best tasting tea.

National Tea Competition of Japan

The National tea competition of Japan is a tea competition to evaluate and improve the quality of Japanese tea in Japan. It's a great benchmark for understanding where might be a good place to source for quality tea. Marukyu Koyamaen's is a frequest winner of this competition with it's Tenjyu Matcha.

Japanese Tea Area Brands

Like the Ujicha or the Yamecha, some areas in Japan have developed brands for their exceptional tea produce. Let's go over some of the famous "Brand Areas" of Japanese Green tea.

Tea Tools

Japanese Tea tools have evolved over the years and are perfectly designed to optimize the tea. A Chasen is obviously difficult to replace with another tool in your kitchen. While you can replace a Matcha-chawan or a Kyusu with a cup or a teapot, for the best Japanese tea experience you may want to think twice. Read more here.

Conducting and consolidating data and information regarding Japanese tea and the Japanese tea market.

Japanese Tea Types (A-Z)