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Chawan Matcha Bowls

Beautiful Single Lipped Chawan for mixing and sharing Matcha.

How are they used?

The style of serving Matcha with these Single Lipped Matcha bowls have caught popularity recently. Instead of mixing Matcha individually in separate bowls, it's a more casual way of welcoming and serving guests.

It's simple. Just mix Matcha as you would normally do with normal bowls, then serve the Matcha into smaller cups.

There's some benefits to this - For one, it's actually easier to mix more servings than one while keeping the water temperature. So you might end up making better tea.

Two, you're also drinking the exact same Matcha. So you don't have to guess - know exactly whether the preparation was good or not. :)

Store Manager Recommends

Lipped Matcha Bowl - Hana - by Suikaen

This single-lipped Chawan (Matcha Bowl) is used for mixing and sharing the Matcha into smaller cups. It’s a thoughtful tool with a small little surprise at the end – with the remaining Matcha forming the centre of the flower when finished serving. It’s a fun way to enjoy Matcha with a guest or a partner.

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