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Where the "Twig-tea based Houjicha" began.

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The Ishikawa prefecture of Japan is the inventor and innovator of "Twig-tea based Houjicha". The tea they produce is what's called the "Kaga-Boucha". While Houjicha is generally an economic option, the great thing about this area brand is that they have a diverse range of products, including premium quality variations. The products we carry are just that! Our Kaga-Boucha use only the Shincha (first flush / first harvesting season picked leaves) which means it has the highest levels of nutrients, allowing for the fantastic aroma to arise.

Store Manager Recommends

Premium Kaga-Bou Houjicha (Kaga-Boucha) by Koudoen

We're very happy to finally have the famous Kaga-boucha in our shop. Honestly it took some time to get the manufacturer to agree to send outside of Japan, but I'll assure you this is worth the wait. The richness and complexity of the aroma is off the charts, and yet comes with a very clear smooth sensation as you consume. Vastly different taste from the Uji-baed twig Houjicha. Must try if you like Houjicha!

Kaga-Bou Houjicha Bundle by Koudoen

Three fantastic Houjichas. You can enjoy three distinctly different tastes in this bundle. The Kaga-Bou Houjicha comes from Kanazawa, Japan, an area known for the best Houjicha. Only twigs are used for these tea, which produces aromatic substances identical to ones found in roses and lavenders. Truly floral, amazingly delightful, a strongly recommended set.

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