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Truly rich Sencha, approved by the pickiest of taste buds. Scroll to the bottom for our recommendations!

Is Sencha the tea for me?

I'm sure you've seen "Sencha tea bags" before. Well actually - in most cases those aren't true Sencha. So set aside that image, as the Sencha here go by the more traditional and strict criteria.

Perhaps the 'face' of Japanese Tea, the Sencha holds the taste and the nutrients of the natural tea leaf to the max. The strong umami, a subtle sweetness, various vegetal tasting notes compose the full-bodied taste of the Sencha.

So if you're looking for health benefits, Sencha definitely checks the box. The precious catechins and theanine remain in tact in the leaves.

It's a perfect morning coffee replacement as well, as the caffeine levels are high, but is considered healthier than coffee.

Below are some of our recommended Sencha.

Store Manager Recommends

"Sencha Umejirushi" - by Taniguchien

We're seeing a jump in the popularity for this tea this season, and for good reason! It really is a 'premium' quality tea that gives you its money's worth with its rich aroma and umami.
Personally, I remember the first time I tried this tea was a mind-blowing experience. It's still one of my personal favorites as well.

"Eighty Eighth Night" - by Marukou Taniguchien

Marukou Taniguchien’s “Eighty Eighth Night tea” is a delicious, premium-grade Uji Sencha green tea. It is the most popular tea in our store, and is also the first sencha we will recommend to new customers because of its value for money.

Authentic Japanese Sencha Tea. Order Online, Ship from Singapore.