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Tokoname Kyusu (Tokoname ware teapots)

The finest handmade Tokoname Kyusu teapots, truly Japanese in style and beauty. Crafted from Tokoname clay for a mellow, delicious tea experience. From Japan's number one teapot region.

Tokoname Kyusu (Tokoname ware teapots)

Experience the artistry of our finest handmade Tokoname Kyusu teapots, crafted from the renowned Tokoname clay. Hailing from Tokoname, the number one place in Japan for Kyusu teapots, these beautiful pieces are more than just teapots; they are an elegant addition to your tea ritual and a celebration of Japanese heritage.

The high iron content in the clay reduces the astringency of your tea, making it mellow and delicious. This is perhaps the biggest reason behind the popularity of Tokoname teapots in Japan. Another reason for their popularity is the perfectly fitting lid, which ensures no spills and provides a very satisfying experience when pouring tea.


Most of the teapots we carry feature the "Yokode handle" type, a distinctly Japanese design that allows you to pour tea with one hand in minimal action. The elegance of serving tea with this design is a part of Japanese beauty. We recommend you to add one Tokoname teapot to your collection for an exceptional Japanese tea brewing experience!

Shop Manager's Recommendations

The Red Tokoname Teapot

If you can't decide which color to go with, then perhaps going for red might be a good idea. Red Kyusu is a staple of Tokoname ware. The clay found in this area is rich in iron, making the Tokoname ware innately red. While different glazes provide different color options these days, you can say that the basic Tokoname ware starts with the color red.

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