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Black Two Color Sendan Design Tokoname Teapot 350ml

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Simple elegance in every pour. Discover Tokoname's Sendan Yakishime Teapot

Capacity: 350ml capacity, 280ml for suitable usage. Suitable for 2.5 people at 100ml per person. 
Body size: 15cm x 13cm x 10cm
Strainer: Ceramic
Origin: Tokoname, Japan
Material: Tokoname Clay


- Tokoname ware uses iron-rich clay from the Chita Peninsula. The use of this clay produces the unique red color of the Tokoname Kyusu when put through firing.


- The iron in the Tokoname clay also reacts with the tannin in the tea, softening the astringency and making the tea mellow. This is perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Tokoname Kyusu teapot.


- A beautiful Kyusu of skilled craftsmanship made to fit the shape of your hand comfortably and securely. Today, this craft is one of Japan's "Important Intangible Cultural Heritage," designated by the Japanese government.

- The side-handle type design is uniquely Japanese and makes it highly convenient to serve the tea smoothly using one hand.


- A Tokoname ware Kyusu is a "Kyusu that matures." After many years of use, the kyusu's color and luster will enhance, and it will grow into your one-and-only unique piece.

- The strainer is attached to the mouth of the teapot, designed to maximize the pot space, allowing the tea leaves to open evenly and emit deliciousness and nutrients into the water.


- Tokoname Kyusus are unglazed. They are categorized as "Stoneware" under Japanese pottery categorizations.

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Before Use

Soak the teapot in water or lukewarm water for at least 30 seconds to prevent staining and damage.

After use

Do not dishwash. Do not microwave.
Wash using only water. Use a brush as needed.

Avoid using dishwashing liquid or soap when washing. If you do use, make sure you soak the teapot in water for a while after doing so.
Dry well after washing.


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