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One of the "3 Great Teas" of Japan. Home to several innovations such as the "Fukamushi-Sencha" and the "Yabukita" Cultivar. See recommendations below.

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Shizuoka is home to a vast range of tea-farms stretching across a diverse set of landscapes from the mountains to the hilly terrains to the plains. The range of tastes are also widespread, and have several "sub-area brands" established within Shizuoka.


Shizuoka-cha invented the "Fukamushi-Sencha", and the Kakegawa Area within Shizuoka has a dominant track record in the National Tea Competition for that category. They are also home to fantastic tea cultivars such as the well-known Yabukita, and the Koushun which has unparalleled aroma.

Store Manager Recommends

Kakegawa Fukamushi Sencha Premium-grade by Hamasaen

It was an easy decision - I decided to add this into the Tealife shop the moment I had my first sip. No wonder Fukamushi Sencha from Kakegawa are regarded as one of the best in Japan. The levels of viscosity, richness, and umami are unreal, while still being a very smooth and classy tasting tea. This is my favorite Fukamushi in the shop right now.

Koushun Cultivar Sencha Premium-grade by Hamasaen

Experience the unbelievable aroma of the very rare "Koushun" cultivar. This single-origin, or unblended tea is made 100% from the Koushun cultivar, famous for its magnificent scent. Just open the bag and the classy notes will drift into your nose. 

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