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The Fukamushi technology of brings out the sweetness and umami of the tea even more! Scroll down for recommendations.

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Fukamushi-Sencha VS Sencha

What's the difference between a Sencha and a Fukamushi-sencha?

Take the Sencha and amplify the sweetness and the umami of the tea. You'll get the Fukamushi-Sencha.

The Fukamushi-Sencha leaves are steamed longer during the processing, which makes the tea become richer and thicker while compressing the aroma. This results in a very different, delightful and tasty tea.

It's a great healthy choice for your morning coffee replacement, and recommended even if you're new to Japanese tea.

Store Manager Recommends

Shizuoka Fukamushi Sencha Premium-grade by Hamasaen

You will love the smell of the leaves the moment you open the bag. This premium Fukamushi-sencha has an almost citrus like fruity scent coupled with the thickness and mellowness of a high-quality Fukamushi Sencha.

The High-grade Fukamushi is a very good tea, but this one is even better!

Kakegawa Fukamushi Sencha Premium-grade by Hamasaen

It was an easy decision - I decided to add this into the Tealife shop the moment I had my first sip. No wonder Fukamushi Sencha from Kakegawa are regarded as one of the best in Japan. The levels of viscosity, richness, and umami are unreal, while still being a very smooth and classy tasting tea. This is my favorite Fukamushi Sencha in the shop right now.

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