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Japanese Tea Bundles

Big discounts when you order bundle sets of tea!

What are these bundles?
Enrich your lifestyle and health with different types of Japanese tea throughout the day. Have a cup of Sencha for a punch of caffeine in the morning. An afternoon snack will match perfectly with a refreshing dose of Genmaicha. And after a hard day's work, reward yourself with a delicious heartwarming Houjicha. Sound nice?
You don't need to pay a fortune to do this. We've packaged some of our most popular tea, and bundled them into affordable sets. Try them out and enjoy many cups of happiness every day!

Store Manager Recommends

Taniguchien Tea Recommendation Set PLUS

If you're new to Japanese tea, this is a perfect introductory set. It bundles three of our most recommended tea into one cost effective set. Included are the Sencha Umejirushi, the High-grade Karigane Genmaicha, and the Karigane Houjicha. Each tea is one of the best selling products in their respective categories.

Kaga-Bou Houjicha Bundle by Koudoen

Three fantastic Houjichas. You can enjoy three distinctly different tastes in this bundle. The Kaga-Bou Houjicha comes from Kanazawa, Japan, an area known for the best Houjicha. Only twigs are used for these tea, which produces aromatic substances identical to ones found in roses and lavenders. Truly floral, amazingly delightful, a strongly recommended set.

Japanese Tea Bundled Sets. Order Online, Ship from Singapore.