What's Houjicha?
Although a type of green tea, the Houjicha leaves are brownish in colour. This is because "Houji" is a Japanese term for "roasting until it turns brown" - which is literally how Houjicha is made! Some of the taste and nutrients will break down during the roasting process, but it will leave a strong distinct aroma coupled with a smooth and gentle taste. Houjicha can be enjoyed in volume as the Caffeine is also reduced during the roasting process.
Tealife Editorial Recommended Products
Premium Kaga-Bou Houjicha (Kaga-Boucha) by Koudoen
We're very happy to finally have the famous Kaga-boucha in our shop. Honestly it took some time to get the manufacturer to agree to send outside of Japan, but I'll assure you this is worth the wait. The richness and complexity of the aroma is off the charts, and yet comes with a very clear smooth sensation as you consume. Vastly different taste from the Uji-baed twig Houjicha. Must try if you like Houjicha!
Karigane Houjicha by Taniguchien
Houjicha is generally a light tasting tea with a weak body. If you feel you want a little more substance in your Houjicha, this Karigane Houjicha from Taniguchien may be the one for you. It will still be light and won't have the body or the aftertaste of a Sencha, but it is a Houjicha which you can enjoy the taste (and not just the smell - which is the case for many other Houjicha).

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