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Feel a little stressed working from home?
Houjicha is the "go to" tea for your afternoon relaxation. Scroll below for recommends.

Is Houjicha the tea for me?

The name Houjicha means "roasted tea" and it's exactly what it is. It's Japanese Green Tea, but roasted.

The roasting of the green tea leaves transforms those rich nutrients into different aromatics. That's why you get a light tea, but with great aroma.

Hundreds of different types of aromatic substances are possible by roasting tea. The fun part is, different Houjicha will give you different smells depending on the tea leaf and how they're roasted. Try different Houjicha and have some fun comparing the tastes.

If you want less caffeine in your tea. If you want to drink in the afternoon without having your sleep effected. This is the one.

If you want to drink with infants or elderly in your house, this is a great tea for you too.

Take a look at some of our recommendations below!

Store Manager Recommends

Kaga-Bou Houjicha Bundle by Koudoen

Three fantastic Houjichas. You can enjoy three distinctly different tastes in this bundle. The Kaga-Bou Houjicha comes from Kanazawa, Japan, an area known for the best Houjicha. Only twigs are used for these tea, which produces aromatic substances identical to ones found in roses and lavenders. Truly floral, amazingly delightful, a strongly recommended set.

Premium Grade Houjicha by Taniguchien

The highest grade Houjicha provided by Taniguchien. I must say the package looks rather dull, but the tea itself is anything but! This Houjicha is mainly twigs but also mixes in some leaves, giving the tea a different taste from the other Houjichas we carry. Price wise, this 100g package is a budget friendly entry point too.

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