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Only we carry Marukyu Koyamaen Matcha in SG. Winners of the #1 Matcha of Japan 2020.

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Recent Updates:
Dec 11th: Wrote a comprehensive piece on What is EGCG and how to consume it! This were so many requests on this topic - long overdue. Thank you for waiting!
Dec 7th 2022: We've Launched a information hub for Japanese Green Tea and its Health benefits! Learn everything about Tea's effects on several diseases such as Diabetes, Obesity, Liver Diseases, etc.
Oct 30th 2022: We've announced our new "Japanese Tea Traveler Program"! It's an amazing program where you can receive free additional tea from different parts of Japan. It's the best way to explore different types of Japanese tea in Singapore. Find details here!
Oct 19th 2022: Updated our Japanese Tea-pedia article on Kawane-cha, one of the finest area-brands in Japan!
Oct 11th 2022: Updated our Japanese Tea-pedia article on Kagoshima-cha.