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Only we carry Marukyu Koyamaen Matcha in SG. Winners of the #1 Matcha of Japan 2020.

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Japanese Green Tea

Premium quality. Simply not the same. Fall in love with Japanese Tea.

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11.11 Singles Day Sale!

11.11 is also "Kaga-Boucha Day"! Try the exceptional aroma of Kaga-Boucha. Pre-order now!

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Tea Tools

Hand crafted tea tools made in Japan. Take your tea experience to another level.


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Recent Updates:
Oct 15 2021: It's almost 11.11 Sale! 11.11 is also "Kaga-Boucha" day. That's why we have a special bundle for you this year. Don't miss this opportunity to try the 2 fantastic Kaga-Boucha on a huge Sale! Pre-order now!!
Sep 26 2021: 'Shi-chiku' or, Black Bamboo Whisks are new to the store! They're stunning, and looks great with Matcha. Check them out in the Chasen page!
Sep 12 2021: Absolutely stoked to be able to add the Kaga-Boucha into our shop again! And what's more, we've got the Kaga-Boucha "Blue" and "White". These are truly amazing tea. They're limited in quantity, so please order while stocks last!!
Aug 22 2021: Added these beautiful lipped glass bowls for Matcha! Please take a look! (limited stock)
Aug 19 2021: Sorry for the wait! Restocked... practically everything!
Jul 15 2021: Recommended ways on how to use the Chasen so it lasts long? Just wrote an article, take a look here!
Jul 11 2021: We've added some new Chasen into our shop! Please take a look at our quality Chasen and Chashaku!