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The proper name being the "Mushisei Tamaryokucha", this tea may be described as a hybrid between the Gyokuro and Sencha.


What's the difference between a Sencha and a Tamaryokucha?

Sencha leaves are rolled and crushed so the juices of the tea can be easily released during infusion. The "Mushisei Tamaryokucha" actually skips this step.

By doing so, it suppresses the bitterness and astringency of the tea, allowing the umami and sweetness to be more focused.

Tamaryokucha these days are partially shaded, similar to Gyokuro, to further enhance the umami. The taste may feel like an mixture of a Sencha and Gyokuro.

It's a great healthy choice for your morning coffee replacement. If you like Gyokuro, you may want to give this tea a try too!

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