Gyokuro is green tea of the highest rank. The sweetness and strength of the umami taste is second to none. It comes with a splendid seaweed-like aroma, also called the "ooika" to enhance the pleasure. It is not consumed like the common green tea - it is enjoyed in precious little sips, allowing the tea to sit on the tongue to unleash this distinct aroma of fresh leaves and the umami taste of the Gyokuro tea. If you've never tried Gyokuro before, you'll sure to enjoy!
Tealife Editorial Recommended Products
Gyokuro Ume-jirushi 100g by Taniguchien
While both Gyokuro products are absolutely exquisite, we must go with the "Ume-Jirushi" for our "Tealife Editorial Recommendation". The richness of the Umami, the "Ooika" or the thick Nori like aroma produced through the extensive shading of the leaves, and the seemingly jelly-like viscosity of the liquor shows that this is an extremely high grade Gyokuro. For beginners and experienced Gyokuro drinkers alike, this is a highly recommended tea.

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