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Japanese green tea of the highest rank, Gyokuro is truely a unique tea experience.

Is Gyokuro the tea for me?

The Gyokuro looks similar to the Sencha, but the taste (and preparation) will be very different. The 'Gyokuro' to the normal 'Sencha' could be viewed as the 'espresso' to the 'coffee'.

The Gyokuro generally infuses a 'nori' seaweed flavor in a very rich liquid with high viscosity. I recommend you start with the Sencha, and try Gyokuro as an alternative.

Looking for health benefits? Gyokuro definitely checks the box. The precious catechins and theanine are alive and strong within the leaves.

Morning coffee replacement? Checks that box as well! The caffeine levels are high, but is considered healthier than coffee.

Below are some of our recommended Gyokuro.

Store Manager Recommends

Gyokuro Ume-jirushi 100g - by Taniguchien

The richness of the Umami, the "Ooika" or the thick Nori like aroma produced through the extensive shading of the leaves, and the seemingly jelly-like viscosity of the liquor shows that this is an extremely high grade Gyokuro. For beginners and experienced Gyokuro drinkers alike, this is a highly recommended tea.

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