What's Genmaicha?
Genmaicha is a mix of Japanese green tea such as Sencha and roasted brown rice kernels. The brown rice adds a nutty roasty aroma to the Sencha, and also some added nutrients (GABA and Y-Oryzanol) along with it! It's also an economic option - please do take a look!
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"High-grade Karigne Genmai" - by Marukyu Koyamaen
A remarkable Genmaicha which is not the highest of grades but is definitely tastier than many more expensive products. The freshness of the Karigane (twig tea) blends well with the roasty aroma of the brown rice kernels to unleash a really nice “Genmaicha” aroma, while still having that full-body richness of a sencha in the taste. If you like Genmaicha, this “twig-tea” based Genmaicha is something you’ll love.

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