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The roasted brown rice kernels make for a unique nutty relaxing experience.

Is Genmaicha the tea for me?

The roasted brown rice gives the tea a comforting aroma. It's similar to Houjicha in that it's a perfect tea to prepare for your relaxing moment. Unlike the Houjicha, taste of the tea is rich as well. So if you find the Houjicha to be too light - the Genmaicha might be the one for you.

Looking for health benefits? Genmaicha checks the box. The green tea leaves provide precious catechins and theanine in the tea.

Morning coffee replacement? Genmaicha checks that box as well! Although the caffeine levels are less compared to Sencha.

Take a look at some of our recommendations below!

Store Manager Recommends

"Genmaicha with Matcha" - By Taniguchien

This tea takes the "High-Grade Karigane Genmai" and mixes in Matcha powder into the leaves. When infused, it adds to the full-body richness of the Genmaicha while keeping the delightful aroma of the tea. This is definitely a recommendation for our Genmaicha lovers.

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