Tealife Editorial Recommended Products
"Karigane Genmaicha" - by Marukou Taniguchien
A remarkable Genmaicha. It is not the highest of grades but is definitely tastier than many more expensive products. The freshness of the Karigane (twig tea) blends well with the roasty aroma of the brown rice kernels to unleash a really nice “Genmaicha” aroma, while still having that rich body of a Sencha within the taste. If you like Genmaicha, this “twig-tea” based Genmaicha is something you’ll love. It's a high value for money.
Taniguchien Tea Recommendation Set
If you're new to Japanese tea, this is a perfect introductory set. It bundles three of our most recommended tea into one cost effective set. The tea types included are the Eighty Eighth Night Tea (Sencha), the High-grade Karigane Genmaicha, and the Karigane Houjicha. Each of these are our best selling products in their respective categories. We recommend this over the other sets which include "Ujinosato" instead of the "Eighty-Eighth Night" tea. While the "Ujinosato" is also a nice sencha, the "Eighty-Eighth Night" tea is considerably higher in quality.

Authentic Japanese Green Tea