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Loose Leaf Japanese Tea

For your health. For your mindfulness moment. We handpick the best tasting tea made in different parts of Japan.

Which type of Japanese Tea should I start with?

There are so many types of loose leaf Japanese tea, it may be hard to figure out where to start! While our Japanese Tea-pedia gives you much more information in depth, here's a quick one to get you started.

If you're in for the health benefits, try Sencha or Gyokuro. They are less processed hence more nutrients such as the Catechins and Theanine remain in the leaves.

If you like to enjoy roasted aroma. If you opt for less caffeine. Then try Genmaicha or Houjicha. These won't bother your sleep too much even if you drink during dinner.

If you're unsure, you can check the bundles which contain different types of teas. Take a look at some of my recommendations below too!

Store Manager Recommends

"Sencha Umejirushi" - by Taniguchien

We're seeing a jump in the popularity for this tea this season, and for good reason! It really is a 'premium' quality tea that gives you its money's worth with its rich aroma and umami.
Personally, I remember the first time I tried this tea was a mind-blowing experience. It's still one of my personal favorites as well.

Premium Kaga-Bou Houjicha - by Koudoen

We're very happy to finally have the famous Kaga-boucha in our shop. Honestly it took some time to get the manufacturer to agree to send outside of Japan, but I'll assure you this is worth the wait. The richness and complexity of the aroma is off the charts, and yet comes with a very clear smooth sensation as you consume. Vastly different taste from the Uji-baed twig Houjicha. Must try if you like Houjicha!

Taniguchien Tea Recommendation Set PLUS

If you're new to Japanese tea, this is a perfect introductory set. It bundles three of our most recommended tea into one cost effective set. Included are the Sencha Umejirushi, the High-grade Karigane Genmaicha, and the Karigane Houjicha. Each tea is one of the best selling products in their respective categories.

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