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Kukicha and Karigane
Add a sparkle of freshness to your Sencha with "twig tea".

Should I try "Twig Tea"?

There are several names for "Twig Tea" in the Japanese Tea vernacular such as 'Kukicha', 'Karigane', 'Shiraore' and more.
It makes it a little imposing, but don't let it be! Twig tea is a fascinating tea and I recommend this for beginners as well.

It's not completely made of twigs. If you notice, some of the pictures in the product, they're mixed in with the Sencha leaves. As a matter of fact, you'll probably see more Sencha leaves than twigs.

The twigs remarkably adds a new taste and takes over the center stage of the taste. I'd like to call it a 'zing of freshness'.

Looking for health benefits? Twig tea surely checks the box. Strong doses of precious catechins and theanine are available here.

Morning coffee replacement? Twig tea checks that box as well! The caffeine levels are high, but is considered healthier than coffee.

Store Manager Recommends

Shiraore with Matcha - by Taniguchien

Not many people have tried this tea in our shop, but is actually a tea I recommend! It mixes twig tea with Matcha - and the Matcha compliments the twig tea very nicely! You get the freshness of the twig tea, and the richness that comes with Matcha mixed in. Start with this one if it's your first Japanese Twig Tea!

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