What's Kukicha and Karigane?
Kukicha is green tea made from the twigs and stems of the tea plant. The names "Karigane" and "Shiraore" refer to high-quality Kukicha tea.
The twigs add an additional freshness to the taste and flavor of the tea. These parts can be used for Hojicha or Genmaicha as well. 
Tealife Editorial Recommended Products
"High-grade Karigane" - by Marukyu Koyamaen
While the Karigane tea sounds like a niche product for advanced Japanese tea lovers, in actuality this product is something I recommend to customers who are relatively new to Japanese tea as well. If you've tried Sencha once and liked it, then chances are you'll like this also, however in a different way. The High-grade Karigane adds a fresh clean "zing" to the flavor of a normal Sencha, and was planned to be a nice alternative to have to the Sencha.

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