Houjicha Recommendation Bundle (Kaga-Bou Houjicha and Karigane Houjicha)

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We've put together a bundle so you can try and compare the two types of tea! In this bundle, we include the famous Kaga Bou-Houjicha from Ishikawa prefecture, and the Karigane Houjicha from Kyoto prefecture. Both are the same twig-tea Houjicha but with a very different taste.

This set includes the following tea.

Premium Kaga Bou-Houjicha 70g by Koudoen
Origin: Ishikawa, Japan
Area Brand: Kaga-Boucha
Ingredients: 100% pure tea leaves. That's all.

Karigane Houjicha 200g by Taniguchien
Origin: Kyoto, Japan
Area Brand: Ujicha
Ingredients: 100% pure tea leaves. That's all.


Great mindfulness choice. Perfect tea for a healthy, relaxing moment and to relieve your stress.

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How to brew
1. Boil water.
2. Add leaves to teapot. (1 heaping tsp per serving)
3. Pour water to teapot - brew 30 sec.
4. Pour tea into teacup - pour until the last drop.
*Don't over-seep. It will reduce the aroma.

*We will enclose English instructions in the package.

How to store
- Store in refrigerator if unopened.
- Return to room temperature before opening.
- Store opened packages in a cool shaded place.


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