Complete Guide to

The Traditional Japanese Tea Tools and Teaware

Dig in deeper into the world of Japanese tea with traditional tea tools! They come with a science that bring out the best of the tea. Read and see why they're so important.

Tools For Loose Leaf Japanese Tea

Introducing some of the tools commonly used for loose leaf Japanese tea such as Sencha, or Genmaicha. Learn why you'd rather use the Kyusu or the Dobin as opposed to just a normal teapot. Learn how to use a Chazutsu to keep the fragile freshness of the leaves.

Traditional Tools for Matcha and Tea Ceremony

There are many tools required in the Japanese tea Ceremony, and we'll go through them one-by-one. Perhaps the two most essential items required to enjoy Matcha are a quality Chasen and a good Matcha-chawan that fits your needs. Read about them here.