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How to Make a Delicious Cup of Japanese Tea

The taste of Japanese tea is very delicate - you need to get it right if you want the best taste. That may be sound somewhat intriguing, but don't worry, we've got you covered! Here we'll go over how to prepare all the Japanese tea types from Sencha to Matcha so that you won't fail!


  • How To Prepare Delicious Matcha
  • How To Prepare Delicious Loose Leaf Japanese Tea
  • Fundamentals on Making Good tea
  • Other Tips

How to Prepare Delicious Matcha

How do you avoid lumps of undissolved powder? How do you make sure the Matcha doesn't cool down too much during the preparation? Follow these steps to make delicious Matcha. The Usucha is the "common" Matcha - so read about Usucha if you're unsure.  

How to Prepare Delicious Loose Leaf Japanese Tea

As the taste of Japanese green tea is very delicate, seemingly small factors such as temperature and controlling the amount of water to be used are contributing factors to the taste. Steps will differ depending on the type of leaves, so choose your leaves and follow these steps to make exceptional Japanese green tea.

Fundamentals on Making Good Tea

Here are some fundumental concepts you should be aware about as you learn how to make tea.

Other Tips

If you don't have a Kyusu (or a teapot) you can always use a teabag to brew Japanese green tea. Also here are points on how to brew cold tea, and 4 keys to a delicious 2nd cup.