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Tea Tools

If you’re starting with Matcha, the very minimum you’ll need is a bamboo whisk.

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More Prongs or Less Prongs for your whisk?

I find it fascinating how these whisks are made. With one cut of fine bamboo, they knife apart one side, beautifully forming the prongs.


So naturally, the thinner the prongs, the more prongs you’ll get. This makes it easier to mix Matcha, but it also means they’re more brittle too.


If you're starting out, try 100 or 120 prongs. Easier to mix. Once you get used to it, your second Chasen can be an 80 or a 'Kazuho' which is 70 prongs. This will enhance longevity.


Here are some recommendations that may help!

Store Manager Recommends

Black Bamboo Whisk 100 prongs

This naturally black bamboo whisk is a stunning alternative to the more common white bamboo whisk, stringed beautifully with red. Definitely photogenic for Instagramers! The 100 prongs help ease the mixing of Matcha as well.

Foaming Bamboo Whisk

A bit intrigued by the vigorous mixing requirement for Matcha? Especially designed for ladies with smaller hands, the Foaming Chasen has a longer and thinner handle, making it much easier to hold and mix. This handsome piece is stringed with cobalt and light blue.

Lipped Matcha Bowl - Hana

This single-lipped Chawan (Matcha Bowl) is used for mixing and sharing the Matcha into smaller cups. It’s a thoughtful tool with a small little surprise at the end – with the remaining Matcha forming the centre of the flower when finished serving. It’s a fun way to enjoy Matcha with a guest or a partner.

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