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Colorful Chasen Holder (Various Colours)


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Add your own unique flavor to your tea ritual with our Seto-ware Chasen holder from Aichi, Japan.
Available in a variety of vibrant colors, it personalizes your every morning!

Colorful Chasen Holder (Chasen-date)

Introducing our elegant Seto-ware Chasen holder from Aichi, Japan, designed to subtly enhance your tea ritual. Available in six serene colors—red, pink, black, brown, orange, and white—each holder quietly showcases your unique taste. Handcrafted with renowned Seto-ware craftsmanship, these holders not only maintain the longevity and shape of your Chasen whisk, but also brings a personalized experience to your tea journey.


The Chasen Holder

The Chasen holder is an essential tool for maintaining the longevity of your Chasen whisk. Designed to preserve the shape of the prongs, the holder also prevents the buildup of unpleasant odors. It’s crucial to rest your Chasen with the prongs facing down immediately after use. This prevents water from trickling up and accumulating in the strings, which can lead to a bad smell. Placing the Chasen on the holder right after whisking ensures that water drips down and off the prongs, keeping your Chasen in optimal condition so it would last for a long time.


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