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 One of the "3 great teas of Japan". Perhaps the most famous and respected of all Japanese tea. 
The innovator and leader of Japanese green tea, the "Ujicha" is considered one of the "3 Great teas of Japan". Produced in the heart of the historical regions of Kyoto, the Ujicha carries rich history and tradition. Ujicha is especially famous for their quality Sencha as well as their shade-grown teas such as Matcha and Gyokuro. 

Store Manager Recommends

"Unkaku" - by Marukyu Koyamaen

Looking for high-quality Matcha? The Unkaku is surely one to consider. The can will burst open with a rich aroma of creaminess, nuttiness, and floral notes. The high-quality grade of this tea also means it is low in astringency. Therefore, it can be too light if you want to use it for lattes or cooking. This one’s for drinking pure Matcha.

Taniguchien Tea Recommendation Set PLUS

If you're new to Japanese tea, this is a perfect introductory set. It bundles three of our most recommended tea into one cost effective set. Included are the Sencha Umejirushi, the High-grade Karigane Genmaicha, and the Karigane Houjicha. Each tea is one of the best selling products in their respective categories.

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