Sencha Takejirushi 100g by Taniguchien

Taniguchien Seichaba

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Nutty, creamy, milky aroma and tasting notes which come after the ocean-air-like brothy, salty umami taste of a quality Sencha tea. Try a lower-temperature infusion (such as 60 degrees Celsius) for a truly mind-blowing pure umami taste!

Origin: Kyoto, Japan
Area Brand: Ujicha (Uji Tea)
Ingredients: 100% pure tea leaves. That's all.
Cultivar: Yabukita and Saemidori** blend.

Great source of antioxidants. Enjoy your mindfulness morning with this healthy tea and boost your energy and immunity throughout the day.

Experience Ujicha*, the legendary tea of Japan.*Ujicha is the tea from Kyoto area. Famous for the high tea quality and historical significance, is considered one of the "3 great teas of Japan".

** The Saemidori Cultivar - A relatively new, high-grade cultivar. Characterised by a classy aroma, extremely low levels of astringency, and a strong umami.

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Brewing Instructions
1. Boil water.
2. Cool the hot water to 70-80 degrees Celsius.
3. Add leaves to teapot. (2g per 100ml serving)
4. Pour water to teapot - brew 60 sec.
5. Pour tea into teacup - pour until the last drop.
*Tealife's recommendation is to brew at 60 degrees Celsius for 180 seconds. Use 3g if only brewing 100g.

*We will enclose English instructions in the package.


Storing Instructions
Store in refrigerator if unopened.
Return to room temperature before opening.
Store opened packages in a cool shaded place.


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