Oil Black Mino-ware Matcha Bowl

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This Mino-ware Matcha bowl features a glaze that shows beautiful oil bubbles on the surface and an asymmetric style which Mino-ware introduced in the late 1500s. 

- Mino-ware is known for its wide variety of styles, as it innovated and created different pottery styles in the late 1500s. This inspired and awed many tea ceremony masters back in the day. 
- This Mino-ware matcha bowl features a balanced yet asymmetric shape. The black bowl with the oil bubble glaze makes for a stunning piece.

- Dimensions: Diameter 12 cm x Height 8 cm
- Weight: Approximately 400g
- Each item is individually handmade. The individual products may differ slightly from the photograph.
- Material: Ceramic
- Origin: Mino Ware made in Gifu, Japan

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Handling instructions:

- Do not use dishwashers.
- Do not microwave.


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