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Fukukuroraku Rikyu-Chawan Raku Matcha Bowl

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Embrace the stunning black elegance of the Fuku Kuroraku Matcha Bowl.
Where timeless beauty and tradition meet in every pour.

Raku Chawan

As indicated by the old Japanese saying, "1st Raku, 2nd Hagi, 3rd Karatsu", the Raku Chawan has been hailed as the highest-ranking Matcha Bowl by tea masters.


It is the most Japanese of all types of pottery, one of which cannot be found in that of China or Europe. 

The hand-molded pieces are unsymmetrical and imperfect - yet resemble natural beauty, creativity, and warmth. 


Beyond their aesthetic appeal, the Raku Chawan is designed with a keen understanding of the Matcha-drinking experience. The bottom of the bowl is wide and usually has a built-in step, made ideal for whisking. The mouth angles slightly inward to prevent tea from dripping from the bowl when drinking, and the thick walls keep the tea warm. While it's a piece preferred by experienced tea masters, it's also a recommendation for beginners.


Raku ware is said to have originated with Sen no Rikyu, the father of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, and was made by the Raku family in Kyoto. 


The two primary colors used are black (Kuro-raku) and red (Akaraku), as these beautifully complement the vibrant green color of the Matcha.

Fuku kuroraku

The black Raku-chawans are made by using fire tongs to pull the red-hot bowls from a small kiln and immediately cool them in water. Because small kilns are used, only a few can be made at a time. Also due to this, Raku pieces will have markings of the fire tongs on its surface. They are viewed and enjoyed as a part of the unique characteristics of the item.

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Before Use

Soak the teacup in water or lukewarm water for at least 30 seconds to prevent staining and damage.
For new Raku teacups, we recommend soaking for 1-2 minutes.

After use

Be sure to wipe off any moisture with a tea towel, soft cloth, kitchen paper, etc., and dry thoroughly before storing.

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