Gyokuro Take-jirushi 100g by Taniguchien

Taniguchien Seichaba

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Blends Kyoto-based cultivars Gokoh and Houshun for a great Gyokuro experience. The classic sea-breeze and nori-seaweed flavor of Gyokuro mixed in with creamy and nutty tasting notes. Very smooth with an unbelievable tea viscosity and umami. Just a magnificent Gyokuro.

Origin: Kyoto, Japan
Area Brand: Ujicha (Uji Tea)
Ingredients: 100% pure tea leaves. That's all.
Cultivar: Gokoh (Kyotanabe) and Houshun (Ayabe*) blend.

A fantastic Gyokuro, a true Uji (Kyoto) experience.


Great source of antioxidants. Enjoy your mindfulness morning with this healthy tea and boost your energy and immunity throughout the day.

A blend of Gokoh and Houshun cultivars, which are both made from cultivars indigenous to Uji Kyoto. Gokoh is a high-end cultivar used for the higest quality Gyokuro. The Take-jirushi blends these hand picked Gokoh leaves grown in the Kyotanabe region of Kyoto. (Kyotanabe is a regular winner of the area award in the Gyokuro category in the National tea competitions.)

The Houshun is a relatively new breed specialized in Gyokuro, also with roots to indigenous breeds of Kyoto.

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Brewing Instructions
1. Boil water.
2. Cool the hot water to 50 degrees Celsius.
3. Add leaves to teapot. (6g per serving)
4. Pour water to teapot (100ml) - brew 150 sec.
5. Pour tea into teacup - pour until the last drop.
* At tealife we really recommend brewing at 50 degrees or lower for a long amount of time.

*We will enclose English instructions in the package. 

Storing Instructions
Store in refrigerator if unopened.
Return to room temperature before opening.
Store opened packages in a cool shaded place.


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