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Area tea brands update

Area tea brands update

Posted by Sakae on 31st Jul 2020

I haven't been able to post too much in the blog these days - sorry about that. But we've been doing some massive updates to our website. Particularly in the Area Brands section.

Area tea brands update

Many areas in Japan produce Japanese green tea. Each of these have differences and characteristics due to their climate, geographical differences, or historical practices. Each of these areas have established brands along the way.

Here we are taking a deep dive into each of the famous tea brands. It's really interesting to know some of the background behind the area brands, as it will give you an understanding of the taste of the tea as well.

For example, if you're looking for some Japanese Green tea in Singapore, you may stop by a DonDonDonki outlet. Here you will find a lot of Shizuoka-cha. Shizuoka-cha being the origin of the Fukamushi-sencha, you'll find a lot of it. It will also give you the expectation of the quality of the tea as well. If you walk over to Meiji-ya, I've actually seen some Yamecha in stock. I think it's relatively rare in Singapore to find Yamecha, and if you know about Yamecha you'd rather go for the Gyokuro or the Kabuse-cha rather than a... let's say a Genmaicha or a Houjicha. Why not try the type of tea the area is famous for, rather than something else?

Our Tealife shop is currently dominated by Ujicha products. Ujicha is perhaps the most famous of the Area Brands in Japan. They're the tea that is produced in Kyoto. The rich tradition and great taste of tea is second to none.

You may have heard of the term "Uji-Matcha". The Matcha produced in Kyoto is especially famous. It has been constantly winning in the National Tea Competition of Japan as well. Please take a look at the Uji Matcha Powder as well. We carry some exceptional products.

We'll continue to beef up this section - but please do request if there are any particular Japanese green tea you'd like to know more about. We'd love to accommodate!