Takayama Chasen
The old town of Takayama in Nara prefecture is where the Chasen was first invented 500 years ago. The traditional Chasen crafting involves the choice of perfect bamboo, a lengthy process of strengthening and drying the bamboo and superior craftsmanship by the Chasen master. The extra effort and time required brings the best out of the taste of the Matcha. 
We feature Suikaen's exquisite handcrafted Chasen products made by Chasen master Taniguchi-san, who carries the torch of Chasen crafting tradition passed along for 25 generations. Their Chasen is made without using any chemicals, allowing for an extremely elegant naturally scented bamboo whisk that perfectly compliments your best cup of Matcha.
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Takayama Chasen Bamboo Whisk 100 Prongs by Suikaen
The 100 prong Takayama Chasen is a great choice for beginners. Each prong is made slightly narrower allowing for a higher elasticity. When you whisk, the enhanced whipping action will allow for easier frothing of the tea. Perfect tool to use when making Usucha (thin-tea) style Matcha. For the more experienced, we recommend Chasen with less prongs as the prongs will be more durable and won't break as easily.

Premium Quality Takayama Chasen (Bamboo Whisk)