Black Tokoname-ware Japanese Teapot 440 ml

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Extremely functional Japanese-style teapot from Tokoname, Japan, with a side handle and a ceramic straining inner-lid. The Tokoname clay is said to help the tea taste better.

Origin: Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture, Japan


- The soil in the Tokoname area of the Aichi prefecture is famous for its high iron content, making it ideal for producing Kyusu teapots. The iron content is said to reduce the astringency of Japanese green tea.
- Tokoname-wares are unglazed, as is with this item as well.
- Instead of using a metal strainer, this teapot has a built-in ceramic strainer as a part of the inner lid. This unique feature allows for a large brewing space in the teapot while making it easy to clean and maintain.
- The large base of the teapot also is shaped to maximize the brewing space.
- Features the Japanese-style side handle, which makes it easy to pour the tea with one hand.
- Tokoname wares are "grown." The color and gloss will enhance and become your unique item with time and repeated usage.


- Diameter 10 cm: x Maximum Width: 18 cm x Height: 10.5 cm
- Weight approximately 350g
- Full water capacity: 440 ml
- Origin: Aichi, Japan
- Material: Tokoname clay

As each item is handmade, the actual product may differ slightly from the photograph.

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Handling instructions:

- Do not use dishwashers.
- Do not microwave.
- Wash with water. Try to avoid soap as much as possible, as the Tokoname-ware has tiny holes which capture the soap.

- For the same reason, dry the teapot well after washing. The small holes can develop bacteria if kept wet.


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