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Takayama Chasen Black Bamboo Whisk - Foaming Chasen


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Unique whisk with a longer and thinner handle, making it easier to whisk even for smaller hands. The gold and wine-red strings elegantly decorate the black bamboo.

The Chasen
Carefully handcrafted by Suikaen - one of the only 17 existing Chasen Craftsman in Japan.
Produced in the traditional village of Takayama, Japan which is the origin of the Chasen 530 years ago.
All natural, completely chemical free. No chemical smell to spoil the delicate taste of Matcha.*


The Bamboo
Premium quality Japan grown Henon Bamboo 2-3 years of age, which are oil drained and subsequently sun-dried for 2 months time in the cold January to Feburary mountains of Ikoma Takayama. Under this climate, the bamboo strengthens and formulates a beautiful gloss. It is then stored for 2 years before it is used for Chasen crafting.


The Process
Suikaen inherits the precious traditional skills from 500 years ago.
A small blade is used to cut and trim the bamboo into a beautiful Chasen. The process of narrowing the prongs is called "Aji-kezuri", and is said to be the most difficult part as it even changes the taste of the Matcha.


* Even silica gel moisture absorbents (which is commonly found in Chasen packages) add unpleasant smells to Matcha. Suikaen does not use this either.


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