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Aoarashi 100g and Unkaku 40g Bundle

Marukyu Koyamaen

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Popular Matcha Aoarashi 100g and Unkaku 40g in one bundle.

Origin: Kyoto, Japan
Area Brand: Ujicha (Uji Tea)

Included in the package:

- Unkaku Matcha 40g by Marukyu Koyamaen
- Aoarashi Matcha 100g by Marukyu Koyamaen

Ingredients: 100% pure tea leaves. That's all.

Great source of antioxidants. Enjoy your mindfulness morning with this tea and boost your energy and immunity throughout the day.


The Unkaku 40g and the Aoarashi 100g are two of our most popular ceremonial grade Matchas at Tealife. Try the Unkaku for a truly premium Matcha experience. Recommended to have it prepared thicker than your usual Matcha, in order to enjoy the superb quality of the tea.

The Aoarashi is a tea suitable for Usucha or Thin tea preparation. An excellent Matcha as well, it also produces fantastic results when used for cooking.

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* Marukyu Koyamaen has won the #1 ranking award - The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery Award - in the National Tea Competition of Japan 30 times in the past. Undoubtedly the leading Matcha producer of Japan.

Usucha Matcha Preparation
Matcha Powder: 1.5g - 2.0g of Matcha powder for 60-70 ml of water.
Water Temperature: 75°-85° Celsius
Steps: Add powder into Matcha bowl, add water, and mix using a bamboo whisk (Chasen)
Tips: Pre-sift the powder with a tea sifter for a smooth Matcha
*We will enclose a translated instruction in the package.

Storage Instructions
Keep away from heat, sunlight, humidity as much as possible. Keep it sealed to avoid air and other smells from effecting the tea.

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