About Us

"Usually the best tea are not yet discovered.
Our mission is to discover them and share the delight to the world."

Like hidden treasures anxiously waiting to be found, there lies numerous small-scale tea farms in Japan, honing their skills and perfecting their art, while waiting for light to be shed.

Though we are so far into an international and interconnected world with technology seemingly able to do anything, the art of Japanese green tea - the heart and soul of the Japanese culture - is yet to be discovered by the world.

Yes, the giant manufacturers - striving for profitability and efficiency - have spread their frontiers outside of Japan and succeeded. The taste and unparalleled health benefits of this elixir of old is powerful enough to drive this expansion.

Left in the dust are the numerous Japanese farmers of the small plantations. No technology. No language outside of Japanese can they speak. Not focused on business, just on the art of producing - stunningly delicious Japanese green tea.

These are the tea WE live for.

Our passion is to discover these gems from the vast fields and deep mountains of Japan with the hope that it also finds YOU.

Please join us in this journey of discovery. Thank you for your warm support. Enjoy!

Tealife President
Sakae Umeda

Tealife is incorporated and operates in Singapore now! We have local support for any purchases you make, so you can do your shopping with a peace of mind.
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